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Learning & Development (L&D) Services

The VPA Learning & Development Practice offers services and solutions that deliver results across the performance cycle. Strategy & vision, staff engagement, leader development, change management, team & individual performance, these are the building blocks of organisational life and we bring our extensive expertise to bear to drive progress, whether at the concept, planning, implementation or review phase. Strategic alignment, team effectiveness, collaboration effectiveness.

Strategy & Vision: What are your organisation's opportunities, threats, strengths, weaknesses?  How do these cohere into a vision? What will it take to realise that vision?

Staff Engagement: Vision and plans are only the start. The next challenge is to tap into the talent and commitment of the whole staff group to make the vision real. This is partly about how the vision and strategy is communicated.

Leader Development: The skills, capabilities & behaviour of people leaders at all levels are crucial to creating a work environment focused on performance. Too often people leadership can become secondary to "business" when in reality no knowledge-based organisation can succeed without actively establishing a culture where skilled and motivated people powerfully collaborate to achieve common goals.

Change Management: "Change is the only constant", this phrase has become a common-place in organisational life because change is the norm as organisations face ever more complex environmental, functional & economic challenges.  

Adaptive Team Development: When organisations re-structure this often results in new or different teams, placing emphasis for achievement of change goals on those teams and their team leaders. We offer a range of tried and tested services and tools to support all stages of the team life cycle. These are driven by metrics which enable us to base-line and measure progress.

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