VPA Downloads

VPA Downloads

View detailed brochures of each of our services below, including the contact names and details of our team members.

VPA Overview Brochure

Learning & Development (L&D) Brochure

Operational Excellence (OPEX) Brochure

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) Brochure

Product Development - Clinical and Regulatory (PDCR)

Pharmaceutical Science (PHARM SCI)

Product Opportunity Evaluation and Maximisation (POEM)

Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance (QMRC)

Commercialisation (VPAC)

P3M Decision Analysis & Modelling

Decision Analysis and Project & Portfolio Modelling for Drug Developers.

Orphan Drug Status Whitepaper

Is Orphan Drug Status the Answer to Everyone's Prayers? A VPA Whitepaper. 

Target Product Profiling (TPP) Whitepaper

Target Product Profiles in Drug Research and Development – What are they and what are the benefits

Supply Chain Excellence

The importance of resilient yet adaptable supply chains

Quality Metrics / OPEX Whitepaper

Linking Quality Metric to performance indicators across an organisation drives focused improvement initiatives, delivering process and supply chain robustness

Benefits and Pitfalls of Repurposing Drugs Whitepaper