Front End Developer - London

Job Title: Front End Developer - London
Contract Type: Contract
Location: London, London
Salary: £500.00 - £550.00 per day
Start Date: asap
Reference: 67196-ITENG-GRK
Contact Name: Geoff King
Contact Email:
Job Published: July 18, 2016 17:05

Job Description

Our client are looking for an experienced front end software engineer to join a great team. They expect you to think on your feet and be able to come up with practical, simple solutions to complex problems. As well as having deep knowledge in areas related to front end development, you should also be knowledgeable in all things related to creating a quality user centred product.

You will be building a user-centered website which adheres to standards and is progressively enhanced to offer a rich experience for capable browsers, whilst offering a basic experience for all browsers.
Using restful APIs to build a client application, and helping shape those APIs to support new functionality.
Our front end stack is delivered from a Node server which directly consumes the API and transforms the response into HTML, as well as acting as a proxy for client side AJAX requests. You'll have previous experience of writing both client side and server side JavaScript.

You will have great team skills, including the confidence to put your idea across, even if the idea is initially unpopular, and the humility to admit when you are wrong.
Like everyone else on our team, you are versatile with a broad perspective, eager to learn new things and use the best tools for the job. You're not afraid to venture into uncharted territory and come away with mastery of it.
Quality is important to you. You practice unit testing, integration testing, code reviews and constant communication to ensure the best outcome.
You have deep knowledge of writing client side HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a standards, accessible, extensible and future friendly way.
You have experience writing websites that are progressively enhanced.
This applies to:
HTML - Ensuring all core functionality of the site works without JavaScript
CSS - For example using rounded corners where supported
JavaScript - The use of specific browser APIs only where they are available
You have experience using CSS preprocessors such as SASS, as well as knowledge of methodologies for structuring CSS for extensibility, readability and maintainability. You write CSS that works across a range of devices and browsers.
You have deep experience writing client side JavaScript, both vanilla/pure JavaScript and using utility libraries. You have experience writing simple JavaScript that extends and modifies existing browser behaviours, and see client side JavaScript as a behaviour layer, rather than an all encompassing solution to building websites.
You have experience writing server side JavaScript, using promise chains and transforming API requests to best suit the client side application.
You have years of experience writing responsive websites which can adapt to any range of inputs and outputs. You are comfortable working alongside designers to design responsive patterns in browser and discover optimal solutions.
You put user experience first when it comes to developing any user facing product. Experience with user experience techniques such as user testing is highly desirable.
You care about performance of front end applications, ensuring that the website feels responsive and content delivery is optimised for perceived speed, using techniques such as lazy loading/deferred content to further enhance the experience.
You have a history of building and taking products to market in fast-paced environments.
You are committed to the bigger picture of large software ecosystems; you are constantly thinking about the future when building new applications and features.
You are not afraid to challenge the status quo when necessary, and at the same time respect the opinions presented by your team.